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About Us


my name is Jan, and I am the founder of JWC Motorcycles. I have run the company since its launch in 2013.

My passion for motorcycles started with the moped that I couldn’t stop myself from tinkering with. The seed that the eternally unfinished moped had sown started to grow when I was seventeen and spent my spare-time working on my father’s and uncle’s BSA A10 -51 in my apartment. Maybe it was a good thing that the landlord didn’t know abt that.

My interest in mechanics and engineering when it comes to motorcycles developed, at least for a while, into competing in Classic Racing with a revamped BSA A65. I had a lot of fun even if my results didn’t bring me to the winner’s podium - so I put together a Rickman BSA Rocket 3 instead. It didn’t improve my results much and I did hit the ground a few times (it even broke down for me and I have to thank Fridman in Västerås for all the help they gave me). Still, it was a lot of fun. The only problem was to get the bike running again before the competitions, and to get gas for the transportation. In recent years I’ve started to race again for fun with old motorcycles.

I started JWC Motorcycles in 2013 as a hobby of sorts beside my then current job, and as things developed this company turned into my main occupation. We buy, sell and mediate sales of motorcycles and motorcycle parts. My goal with this company has been to work with what I’m passionate about - classic motorcycles - and everything that that entails.

Jan Bernhardsson