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ALTON Monté Norton Commando MKII eKit ALTON

SKU: ALTON Monté Norton Commando MKII eKit ALTON
Delivery date: 8-9 dagar
30 500,00 kr
Positive earth. Negative eath on request Ring om Leveranstid.ca 10 dagar
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> E-Starter conversion kit for Norton Commando MKII-MKIIA

« Some things in life are worth the wait. »

In around two hours you can say goodbye to kick-starting your Commando. The Alton eKit fits directly onto the engine via a specially designed inner chain case supplied with starter motor already mounted. Once fitted, replace your existing outer chain case and away to go.


With each kit there is a starter motor, drive chain, sprag clutch, shock absorber, AC generator and a specially constructed inner primary chain case plus all the necessary cables and fittings plus detailled instructions with colour illustrations to make fitting the kit as easy as possible.


We designed the eKit to be as discrete as possible – we have tried to match the form without sacrificing the function. Because the original outer casing is retained, your bike stays visually authentic. But authenticity doesn’t mean inefficient. By incorporating technology that didn’t even exist when the Commando was conceived, Alton has built an eKit which offers 150 watts output with an average of 90 to 95 watts at normal cruising speed. Our kit is designed for positive earth systems and is delivered with everything needed to effect the conversion. Just add a high output battery, a Commando engine sprocket puller and and a clutch spring compressor. Technical advice is available through our authorised dealers and we are available by telephone and email to answer any technical questions. With a two year guarantee, what are you waiting for…

Just hit the button and away to go…