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Ducati 600 SI Pantah , Caferacer " SOLD "

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Ducati 600 SI Pantah 1983, troligen 10700 mil, Ägaren har modifierat till en trevlig caféracer med toppkåpa och 900ss kuts. Alla delar finns kvar för att om man vill återställa den till originalskick. Servicen gjord hösten 2019-10-15 på Biscaya Racing. byte kamrem, olja, filter, byte bromsvätska, besiktigad 2019-10-02 så nästa är 2022-10-02 The Ducati Pantah was an Italian motorcycle with a 90° V-twin engine, produced between 1980 and 1986. Unlike its predecessors which were bevel-gear OHC designs, the Pantah was the first Ducati to have belt-driven camshaft motors, thus forming the vanguard of the new generation of current Ducati V-twins. First shown December 1979, the Pantah came on the market as the 1980 500SL and the last of the line, the 650SL, was sold in 1986. Successful in racing as the 600 cc TT2 and later TT1 750 cc racer, the Pantah was a lighter, shorter wheelbase motorcycle, in a new trellis frame that was to become a trademark Ducati feature.